Gabriela Langone
Sustainable stylist, fashion editor and long time KBH collaborator.
Photographed by Ben Watts
"I encourage everyone to enjoy themselves, respect yourselves, be strong, be encouraging and be yourself. Do the best you can, work hard, love hard and help others." - Gabriela Langone

What is your superpower?


Who are some of the Wonder Women in your life?

My mother of course my sisters and my best friends who are always there for me when ever I need them.

What do you hope the next generation of Wonder Women accomplishes?

Recognition,  recognized more as wonder women, by their husbands and their children and bosses and society! 

How can women uplift and celebrate each other?

Check in on each other, embrace and celebrate accomplishments!

Wonder Women also need a break. How do you recharge?

Yoga is my go too .. but also love a good spa day and a weekend in Montauk in the off season.

If luxury means the best of everything – design, materials, and craftsmanship – it also must mean what is best for the health of the world and all living things.

Our Sustainability Commitment

100% Recycled Solid Gold, Cultivated Luxury Diamonds and Sustainably Cultured South Sea Pearls.

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