Luxury for this, and the next, generation.
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Sustainable Fine Jewelry

Handcrafted with cultivated diamonds and reclaimed gold

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Diamond Cross Edge
Regular price$2,400
Tri - Color Trinity Ring
Regular price$1,080
X Ring
Regular price$500
Reclaimed She
Regular price$1,080
Reclaimed Her
Regular price$950
Gold Disc Ring
Regular price$825
Gold Disc Earrings
Regular price$1,200
Square Bling Ring
Regular price$6,995
Reclaimed Hex Bangle
Regular price$895
Diamond Hex Bangle
Regular price$3,000
Reclaimed Hex Hoops
Regular price$600
Reclaimed Hex Ring
Regular price$300
Reclaimed Arrows
Diamond Arrows
Regular price$3,500
Reclaimed Magnum Arrows
Regular price$2,200
Diamond KBH Ring
Regular price$1,200
Diamond Double Stack Ring
Regular price$1,100
Reclaimed Double Stack Ring
Regular price$450
Reclaimed KBH Ring
Regular price$500
Diamond Orbs
Regular price$3,000
Reclaimed Magnum Orbs
Regular price$1,300
Diamond Magnum Orbs
Regular price$4,500
Reclaimed Orbs
Regular price$950
Reclaimed Wonder Women
Regular price$300
The Crown
Regular price$950
Mini Leaf Stud

Forever Heirlooms

Ethically Conscious. Never Mined. Always Circular. Jewelry for this, and the next, generation.
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"If you’re looking for a truly sustainable jewelry brand, KBH is it."