Eco Packaging

KBH Reusable Bags

Custom Eco Friendly Bags is a specialist advisory, design, and product supply company set on replacing disposable shopping bags with better, greener choices..

*Each bag is made from 100% recycled materials, 5 plastic water bottles. All are recyclable.


KBH Reusable Pouches

Gallant International is a trend-forward supplier of GOTS Certified organic cotton products. All of their products are made of 100% Certified Organic Cotton at a Fair Trade USA Certified™ Factory.

*Pouches are 100% organic cotton GOTS certified, made in India.


KBH Boxes

Earthpack is an innovative recycled packaging company, based in California, that supplies fashion-forward bags and boxes to eco-conscious retailers across the country.

Earthpack works with each client individually to custom design cutting-edge, repurposed packaging. Since its founding in 1989, recycling and preserving the environment remains Earthpack’s primary mission.

*Boxes are made of 100% post- consumer recycled materials and are made in the USA


KBH Insert Cards

Paper Culture vision- All companies consume trees, we are no different. However, instead of cutting down forests to fill your order, we use post-consumer waste and wood alternatives.We offset the carbon footprint we create. We plant a tree with every order. All of our products are made with sustainable materials: from 100% recycled paper to bamboo. Every order plants a tree where reforestation is most needed. We’ve planted 650,000 trees and counting.

*Cards are all made with 100% recycled paper and post-consumer waste. Each one of our order has planted a tree!


KBH Business Cards

From Moo site--The world loves T-shirts. But the process of making them creates a lot of leftover fabric. So we decided to put those scraps to good use and make Cotton. Our first tree-free paper.

*All business cards we use are made using 100% recycled cotton paper which reuses fashion industry waste from cotton t-shirts.


KBH Assets (Brand Book, Lookbook, Line Sheets)

Greenerprinter is an environmentally friendly printing and graphic communications company based in California, dedicated to helping individuals and organizations promote themselves in more sustainable ways.

*All assets are printed on 100% recycled content, 100% post-consumer waste, and processed chlorine-free paper.


KBH Packaging- Recycled Bubble Mailer and 100% Recycled Padded Mailer

EcoEnclose exists to catalyze and support businesses to become a positive force for our planet and humanity They believe their vision for the future can become a reality as more individuals, businesses, and communities move away from a disposable culture towards one in which people are making holistic, thoughtful decisions. Decisions that are rooted in respect for the human and natural resources that go into how something is created, how something is used, and where something ends up after its initial use.

*Recycled Bubble Mailers are the most eco friendly poly bubble mailer on the market. No other contains as much recycled content (32.6%). It’s 100% recyclable. Reusable with two peel and seals. Manufactured in the USA.

*Recycled Padded Mailers are made with 25% post consumer waste. They are 100% recyclable and are renewable, compostable, and naturally biodegradable. Manufactured in the USA.