Kerry O'Brien
Proud mother, Vermonter and badass founder, designer and CEO of Commando.
Photographed by Ben Watts
"I want all women to Live 100% Give 100 % Love 100% unapologetically." - Kerry O'Brien

What is your superpower?

I am a problem solver with very high expectations. I am not afraid to challenge preconceived notions and very little intimidates me.


Who are some of the wonder women in your life?

My mother, sisters, and daughters. 

What do you hope the next generation of Wonder Women accomplishes?

I want all women to Live 100% Give 100 % Love 100% unapologetically.  That is how I try to live every day and I hope I am passing this to the women in my life both professionally and personally. 


How can women uplift and celebrate each other?

Confidence is the ultimate superpower for all women. The more we love and accept ourselves, the more we can celebrate others.

Wonder Women also need a break, how do you recharge?

Family is the epicenter of my life and is my absolute priority.  I am a 6th generation Vermonter, so activities are about enriching family time such as hosting BIG Sunday dinners, cooking as a family, playing games, skiing, gardening, and lake time. There are also aspects of my work that recharge my batteries. There is no better source of inspiration or energy for me than traveling to explore new mills and fabrics. It’s my happy place.

If luxury means the best of everything – design, materials, and craftsmanship – it also must mean what is best for the health of the world and all living things.

Our Sustainability Commitment

100% Recycled Solid Gold, Cultivated Luxury Diamonds and Sustainably Cultured South Sea Pearls.

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