Jessel Taank
Fashion publicist, brand consultant, mother and star of RHONY.
Photographed by Ben Watts
"I truly believe that when women band together, they are invincible." - Jessel Taank

What is your superpower?

I’ve perfected the art of manifesting. It’s something that, as a young girl, I focused my energy on, and I would think of a goal or something I wanted to achieve and almost will it into existence! I firmly believe that if you want something, the more real you believe it to be, and the more you put the idea out there unto the universe, the more likely it is to happen.

Who are some of the wonder women in your life?

I know it's cliche, but my Mother is my biggest inspiration. She's someone who exudes grace and elegance in the face of numerous challenges throughout her lifetime. At age 65, she has more energy than most people 20 years her junior and always keeps herself busy!

What do you hope the next generation of Wonder Women accomplishes?

A strong sense of worth and confidence.

How can women uplift and celebrate each other? 

I truly believe that when women band together, they are invincible. We have an innate tendency to sometimes compete and be jealous of others’ achievements, and it’s a huge shame. I think it starts with the smallest of things- a compliment, an Instagram like, highlighting each others’ strengths and the most important one of all- asking a simple question with intent and meaning; ‘how are you”?

Wonder Women also need a break, how do you recharge? 

Travel has always been my way to renew and refresh. I always say to myself ‘when in doubt – travel'. It helps gain fresh perspective and, most importantly, gratitude and presence.

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