KBH x GAB Diamond Cut Body Chain

KBH x GAB Diamond Cut Body Chain
KBH x GAB Diamond Cut Body Chain
KBH x GAB Diamond Cut Body Chain

KBH x GAB Diamond Cut Body Chain

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Our must-have, must be seen in KBH x GAB body chain. This easy wearing diamond bead cut body chain begs the light to shine off of you anywhere you are.



Crafted from 42 inches of 14k solid gold diamond cut adjustable length chain with oversized clasp and ring finishes. 


KBH Jewels only uses environmentally and socially conscious diamonds. Why? We believe that love and tradition applies not only to our jewelry, but also the manner in which it is made. Did you know that upwards of 400,000 lbs. of soil is disrupted and displaced to mine for a single one carat diamond? That is equal to roughly 10 Manhattan city blocks, and in addition to other devastating social and environmental factors that are a part of the diamond mining industry.

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Wear Your Values
Our Sustainability Commitment

KBH Jewels is a female-founded, sustainable fine jewelry collection committed to clean material sourcing, circular practices from the ground up, quality and craftsmanship.

Handcrafted in NYC with 100% recycled gold, cultivated diamonds and organically cultured South Sea Pearls.

Jewelry you can feel good about wearing and pieces you can be proud to pass on.

KBH x GAB Diamond Cut Body Chain