Diamond KBH Ring

Diamond KBH Ring
Diamond KBH Ring
Diamond KBH Ring
Diamond KBH Ring

Diamond KBH Ring

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Product Description

The brand's namesake with a signature sustainable H and lots of cultivated sparkle


1.5MM thickness connected 12MM apart -
Front ring 1/4 size smaller for perfect fit
.37CTW hand-set of fine, cultivated diamonds,
colorless - D, E, F and clarity - VS



KBH Jewels only uses environmentally and socially conscious diamonds. Why? We believe that love and tradition applies not only to our jewelry, but also the manner in which it is made. Did you know that upwards of 400,000 lbs. of soil is disrupted and displaced to mine for a single one carat diamond? That is equal to roughly 10 Manhattan city blocks, and in addition to other devastating social and environmental factors that are a part of the diamond mining industry.

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Gold is one of Earth's natural renewable resources that can be recycled without quality degradation. The New Gold Standard: KBH gold is never plated, filled or newly mined and always 100% recycled and reclaimed. Our 14k gold is strong and elevated to stand up to your everyday and to the test of time.


100% real diamonds that are grown and not mined. KBH Diamonds are cultivated in highly controlled lab greenhouses using the same chemical reaction that occurs in the mantle of the Earth creating diamonds that are identical chemically, physically, optically and to mined diamonds - the only difference is the point of origin.

Diamond KBH Ring